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Sample Witness Questions

It is common in a Social Security disability hearing for lay witnesses to testify about the claimant’s ability to perform certain tasks. A lay witness is one who is not formally trained in a highly technical matter or is not empanelled to field highly-scientific or research-based questions. He or she is to be asked basic questions that any typical person could answer based on reasonable perception of a situation. Your Atlanta Social Security disability attorney will help you prepare for witness testimony and will explain what types of questions will be asked of the witness.

The witness may answer questions regarding the claimant’s walking abilities. For example, the witness may be required to testify as to his or her observance of the claimant over the past few years and whether he or she has had noticeable difficulty walking. The witness may also be asked to describe with respect to city blocks how far the claimant could walk without stopping.

The witness may also be required to provide testimony with regard to the claimant’s extremities, including his or her hands and feet. The witness should describe whether the claimant has difficult holding items or whether he or she is prone to dropping items. The witness should give specific examples to the judge and the Atlanta Social Security disability attorney regarding the claimant’s ability to grasp and hold objects. Issues concerning dexterity may be discussed as well.

Depending on the witness’s level of interaction with the claimant, he or she may be asked to provide testimony about the claimant’s pain level and emotional and mental well-being. The frequency and level of pain is particularly relevant to the proceeding as is the claimant’s outward manifestation of pain. In addition, the witness should relay information concerning anxiety attacks, depression, crying spells, social withdrawal, memory problems, attention deficit and concentration. The witness may testify to the pace with which the claimant completes tasks and how it relates to the typical pace of an average adult within the claimant’s age range.

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